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Your project at 360°

From design to technical support, to custom-made samples for each client. The entire creation process is collaborative. This approach is an added value for numerous companies that have chosen us, including renowned fashion houses, prestigious brands in the hospitality sector, and established brands in the naval and transportation industries.

Designers can push the boundaries of their imagination and customize products freely, even in minimal production quantities, thanks to the use of new weaving and printing technologies.

Carpet Studio

Carpet Studio is your virtual canvas, a sophisticated configurator where your visions come to life. Find inspiration among our exclusive designs or upload your unique design. Immerse yourself in a wide range of colors, speeding up the production process, and view the result in various three-dimensional settings, maintaining exclusive control over every detail of your project. A fascinating creative journey that will bring your boldest ideas to life.

Discover Carpet Studio

From concept to physical sample

For the full development of a concept, designers need a wide range of colors to choose from. That’s why we’ve created the Radici Color System, a precise and versatile tool that offers more than 800 different color shades to choose from and create a wide range of combinations. In our laboratory, you can even create an exclusive shade based on Pantone colors or fabric swatches to find the perfect match for the intended environment. Every concept takes shape and substance in a custom-made physical sample created by an in-house team of experts and designers in constant dialogue with the client. This is a fundamental step for the excellent realization of the initial idea.

Laying Plan

The installation phase of the custom flooring is a delicate moment. That’s why we simplify it as much as possible by providing the client with a detailed installation plan. Before commencing actual production, we perform an accurate calculation of the area to be covered, estimating the quantity of material required with precision to minimize waste and costs. Additionally, we generate a visual preview of the finished project, highlighting the arrangement of the chosen pattern within the space. This aids in the installation of carpeting with intricate patterns or large designs. Our approach aims to streamline the design process, expedite production, and ensure an excellent end result.


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Explore the solutions conceived by our designers and collaborators, a selection of patterns created exclusively for our products in a variety of styles that cater to all needs.

Our products

Custom-made solutions

Our customizable carpets are designed to encourage the creativity of architects and designers, allowing the material to express its full potential. Colors, shapes, and weaves come together in a collaborative design and creation process to bring a tailor-made textile flooring to life. Start here to create something truly unique.

Our Projects Bespoke Textile Projects

We are a craft-oriented company that cares about your projects and turns them into living spaces. Get inspired by our latest creations and bring your creative visions to life.