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Our commitment to the environment

We believe in the need to build sustainable production processes through an ethical and balanced use of resources to protect the surrounding environment and improve the quality of life. We are committed to researching and developing innovative and eco-friendly production strategies, monitoring our environmental impact, and working to reduce emissions, minimize waste, and optimize the resources at our disposal. This is a necessary process to ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Since 2013, we have started a virtuous paths in order to identify conscious and respectful production solutions, as evidenced by the reduction in our production consumption in recent years. Through the adoption of renewable energy sources and process optimization, we have managed to reduce energy consumption and methane usage by 30% and 39%, respectively. Furthermore, through a water recycling system, we have been able to recover 55% of the water resources required for our production activities. Our textile floorings are made from safe and certified raw materials sourced from partners who share our sustainable vision. Together with them, we work to constantly increase the proportion of recyclable and regenerable waste materials, implementing a profound revolution in our products oriented towards eco-design. Our vision is strongly oriented towards a design that promotes regeneration in every aspect, with a particular focus on reverse logistics and proper management of discarded materials.

Reduction in production consumption in the company from 2013 to today

Designing the Future in a Green Way

The distinctive value of our products is attested by a rigorously controlled production process: from the selection of raw materials and suppliers to our corporate vision, centered on research and development of increasingly environmentally friendly components. Our mission is to offer products of excellence, extremely durable, made with Italian-origin materials and produced with efficient energy source management.

Design becomes a process in favor of ecological transition, a commitment that starts from the design of certain products that are made with 100% recyclable and regenerable yarns, with the goal of limiting the impact of our activities on the environment and creating products that can be reused and transformed into new resources.

In this way, each story represents the sprout of new narratives.

Solar energy for a more responsible production

Innovation, sustainability and social responsibility guide our growth. In 2023, we decided to make a significant investment in renewable energy by installing a photovoltaic system capable of meeting 40% of our company’s energy needs: a tangible testament to our commitment to a more ecological future.

The new system drastically reduces our environmental footprint, limiting CO2 emissions by approximately 700 tons each year. The installation represents a concrete manifestation of our ongoing commitment to production that is increasingly focused on sustainability and eco-compatibility.

Products Eco-design
for sustainable

The union of design, comfort, and quality that shapes contemporary interiors. Discover the expressive and stylistic possibilities offered by our products and transform your spaces into experiences that combine elegance and functionality. Our floorings enrich the environments with their beauty, but also with their reduced ecological footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future.


We base our work on passion, innovation, and the value of people, recognizing the human capital as our strategic resource for a future of continuous growth. We work together to create projects of great value and to build a future that increasingly focuses on the younger generations.

We appreciate and value excellence in the work of our employees, consistently putting effort into creating welcoming work environments and ensuring maximum safety within our production department.















Certified quality

A tangible sign of our dedication to providing products and services of excellence, in line with the highest industry standards.