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Our history

The story of Radici is one of creativity, quality, and innovative spirit, which began in 1950 in Val Seriana, the birthplace of textile art, starting as a small carpet company.Thanks to the daring vision of an entrepreneur like Miro Radici, who in 1972 inaugurated the division dedicated to wall-to-wall carpets, the company quickly evolved from a small-scale operation into the renowned international group Radici Pietro Industries & Brands, a leader in the field of textile flooring. Ours is a story that speaks of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a passion for a profession that generates and thrives on excellence. But it’s also the story of a close-knit team and a challenge to overcome: to offer solutions that improve the quality of life while respecting eco-sustainability.

Company Profile


The vision of Radici Carpet is oriented towards a product of excellent finishing, produced through eco-sustainable processes and materials.
Our supply chain is monitored at every step, from the selection of raw materials to the inspection of the finished product. We rely on only high-quality materials, sourced from local suppliers, and use the best technology available on the market, both for weaving and dyeing. Every phase of production is 100% Made in Italy.

With the goal of reducing the impact of our production on the environment, we have long been engaged in virtuous processes to make our pro increasingly sustainable. In addition to sourcing local raw materials, we have worked on self-production of energy sources and on minimizing and recovering waste, giving them new life.


Our History

70 years of history, knowledge, and expertise in textile manufacturing that make us a leader in the global market.


Made in Italy

We prefer local suppliers, and our production takes place entirely in Italy, within our 40,000 square meters of facilities in the Bergamo area. We ensure a controlled supply chain for a product of excellent finishing.



We work alongside architects and designers, providing technical support and encouraging their creativity. We give shape to ideas to transform them into material and thus create unique and valuable environments.



We commit to improving people’s quality of life everyday, contributing to the creation of comfortable spaces that are not only pleasing to the eye but also enjoyable to live in.


360° Service

The entire process of ideation is collaborative. We offer support and consultation at every stage of the process: from the initial design, to the creation of the design draft, through the development of the physical sample, to the layout plan study, and the final production.



At Radici, design becomes a process in favor of ecological transition, reducing and reusing production waste and utilizing self-produced energy sources. It’s an ongoing process, as evidenced by the certifications obtained over the years, aimed at safeguarding the health of people and the surrounding environment.


Our strength lies in innovation and in people, from our collaborators to the end customers. We believe in the importance of partnerships to grow and build a more sustainable future.


Some numbers


Reached Countries




sm of carpet produced in a year


High quality standards

Over the years, we have obtained a series of certifications that attest to the safety and quality of our products, as well as the sustainability of production processes and materials. The high standards achieved and the excellence of the finished product have made Radici carpets known worldwide.

The most significant milestones

From small pioneering steps to major milestones: our journey, step by step, toward excellence.


The entrepreneurial adventure of Pietro Radici begins, producing carpets woven on jacquard looms under the name Tappetificio Nazionale Pietro Radici.


The first diversification of the company begins with the production of pre-formed carpets for the automotive sector.


These are years when the company looks ahead, chooses its direction, opens the division dedicated to wall-to-wall textile flooring, and launches the Sit-In brand, backed by a group that has reached a thousand employees. In addition to investing in technology, from tufting looms to dyeing plants, to finishing.

From being a leader in the Italian market, it establishes itself on the international stage.


The offering expands with high-level custom products thanks to the acquisition of Due Palme, the oldest and largest European producer of woolen wilton and jacquard textile flooring.


Entrepreneurship is about foresight, and the company decides to invest in the artificial turf sector for decorative and sports use.


The company redefines its core business by focusing exclusively on product competitive differentiators.


The Radici Marine division is established to better meet all the needs of the naval sector.


On July 26, the company is listed on Euronext Growth Milan, the market of the Italian Stock Exchange dedicated to high-growth potential companies.


Seventy years have passed, and today, thanks to an innovative approach, we meet and anticipate international market trends with a spirit focused on change. The same spirit that, over the course of our history, allowed us to start with just two looms and become an industry leader.

“The secret of this industrial reality is the passion and determination of all my collaborators, who support each other to offer innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to the market.”

Ivan Palazzi, CEO di Radici


360° Sustainability

To be creative means to live in empathy with the environment and the world, and to create projects that make it a better place for everyone.