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Napoli + Napoli Linea

Napoli + Napoli Linea

Our tile collections, designed for high-traffic areas, offer modularity, versatility, ease of replacement, style and functionality. Our creations go beyond simple designer flooring, providing high levels of durability and comfort.

Napoli (4)
Napoli (1)
Napoli (2)
Napoli (3)
Napoli Linea (6)
Napoli Linea (1)
Napoli Linea (2)
Napoli Linea (3)

Technical info


100% PA Solution Dyed



Pile height

± 3.5 mm

Pile Weight

± 550 g/m²


4_NAPOLI_224420_200 NAPOLI 224420
7_NAPOLI_224441_400 NAPOLI 224441
1_NAPOLI_22447_150 NAPOLI 22447
2_NAPOLI_224472_150 NAPOLI 224472
8_NAPOLI_224475_650 NAPOLI 224475
9_NAPOLI_224476_650 NAPOLI 224476
10_NAPOLI_224477_650 NAPOLI 224477
11_NAPOLI_224478_600 NAPOLI 224478
5_NAPOLI_224482_350 NAPOLI 224482
6_NAPOLI_224483_300 NAPOLI 224483
3_NAPOLI_224493_400 NAPOLI 224493
7_NAPOLILINEA_224120_200 NAPOLI LINEA 224120
1_NAPOLILINEA_224175_650 NAPOLI LINEA 224175
9_NAPOLILINEA_224178_600 NAPOLI LINEA 224178
3_NAPOLILINEA_224183_350 NAPOLI LINEA 224183
6_NAPOLILINEA_224520_200 NAPOLI LINEA 224520
2_NAPOLILINEA_224575_350 NAPOLI LINEA 224575
8_NAPOLILINEA_224577_400 NAPOLI LINEA 224577
5_NAPOLILINEA_224578_300 NAPOLI LINEA 224578
4_NAPOLILINEA_224583_300 NAPOLI LINEA 224583


Every project for us is unique and speaks about our customers, providing added value to the many companies that have chosen to entrust us with their ideas. Discover some of our most important references.


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