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New Catalogue: Elements

New Catalogue: Elements


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Developed internally by our team of designers, “Elements” is a collection of textile flooring patterns that explore and reinterpret nature in an innovative way.

The catalog reveals the primordial forces of nature: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, capturing their essence and transforming them into bold patterns. Each design reflects the original inspiration of natural elements, offering a distinctive and contemporary vision.

Each pattern is a tribute to the power and beauty of nature, creating unique and engaging atmospheres with a strong visual impact.

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“Elements” evokes the unique characteristics of each natural element. The fluidity of water, the warmth of fire, the lightness of air, and the solidity of earth manifest in designs that convey deep and authentic sensations.

Discover Elements in Carpet Studio, the tool that allows you to customize each design, exploring a wide range of colors and visualizing the result in various three-dimensional settings.

Carpet Studio transforms visions into reality, making every space unique and personalized.

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Radici Color System

Designed for architects and creative minds, our palette speeds up the process of choosing colors and creating patterns, simplifying the execution of your project.
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Radici Carpet Studio

Radici's first carpet customizer is born. Register in a few simple steps to access your reserved area and thus have your favorite designs and variations always at your fingertips.