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Radici Color System

Radici Color System


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RCS: the first color palette for carpet flooring.
Our palette has more than 800 colors specifically studied for a perfect rendering on natural and synthetic fiber, it includes a wide range of shades and neutral tones, between great classics and trendy.
Designed for architects and creative minds, our palette speeds up the color choice phase and the creation of patterns, simplifying your project execution.

RADICI COLOR SYSTEM palette is the result of a sustainable process, as one of the first on the market made entirely of recycled paper.

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Radici Carpet Studio

Radici's first carpet customizer is born. Register in a few simple steps to access your reserved area and thus have your favorite designs and variations always at your fingertips.
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Radici at Milan Stock Exchange

During the Radici admission ceremony on AIM Italia on the Milan Stock Exchange we have created a Pop Art reinterpretation of the reflected facade of the historic Palazzo Mezzanotte, located in Piazza Affari.