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Domus September 2023

Domus September 2023


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Arthur Arbesser and the instinct for patterns

Born in 1988, Arthur Arbesser is a versatile designer whose work spans fashion, theater, and design. With Abet Laminati, Wittman, and Radici, he has created interior collections that translate his passion for patterns. Textures are his distinctive signature, and designing them is a process that amuses and gratifies him. ‘My aesthetics certainly derives from Vienna, where I was born. I escaped from that city to go to London first and then to Milan, and this made it more vivid in my mind.’

Domus Settembre 2023 moquette

How does the pattern for furniture come about? ‘It’s very different from that of clothing, where you have to consider the human body, which is always in motion. In furniture, I like to follow its forms to emphasize structure and shape. I follow the geometries with my eyes, and it’s nice, at different times, to take completely different paths. An example is the surface of the Tartan Doodles textile coverings created by Radici, inspired by the classic Scottish pattern.’ These are perceptual games that make me happy. I love transforming common objects, the ones we always have in front of us.

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Textile Harmonies: Chiara Andreatti reinvents Radici surfaces.

A harmonious interlocking of geometric shapes, decorations with a pop taste and dips into the thousand facets of blue. This is how Chiara Andreatti redefines the concept of carpeting for Radici, a historic Italian textile flooring company
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Milan Design Week 2023 Previews: Radici’s Tartan Doodles- Floor & Wall March 2023

On the occasion of the upcoming Salone del Mobile, Radici is presenting new designs in collaboration with creatives and designers.