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"No Where, Now Here" by Rochelle Goldberg

"No Where, Now Here" by Rochelle Goldberg




Bergamo, Italy



GAMeC, the cultural hub for modern art in Bergamo, presents “No Where, Now Here,” the first solo exhibition in a European institution by Rochelle Goldberg. The exhibition consists of a large installation, with over 200 square meters of brown “Malesia” carpet covering the entire exhibition space, acting as a monochromatic and landscape platform on which the artist’s works are presented. Through a minimal semantic shift, the exhibition title, “No Where, Now Here,” produces a variation of context, space, place, and more generally, meaning. “No Where, Now Here” serves as an ecological framework and represents the uncertain and dynamic space from which the creatures inhabiting the exhibition space emerge: menacing hybrid species, lured by bait, fluctuate between a snake-like and pelican-like state in a transformative continuum.

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