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Collaborations Between Design, Fashion, and Lifestyle – Design Gallery Elle Decor

Collaborations Between Design, Fashion, and Lifestyle – Design Gallery Elle Decor


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Featuring” in Design: The Key to Homes for the New Generation?

Capsule collections, monthly drops, and limited editions. The design vocabulary is filling up with words and new meanings to wholeheartedly embrace the cooperative dynamics that have been successfully driving the fashion sector (and more) for some time. If featuring works for furniture families and household items as well, the design world open to collaborations thus inaugurates a completely new language that speaks, above all, to the new generations. When imagining the living spaces of Millennials, the initiatives born from the fusion of two or more creative minds are, in fact, the best result of contamination. By weaving together skills, production abilities, aesthetic features, and, why not, communities, the outcome of this matrix that combines, blends, and connects is an amplifier of appeal that serves as a litmus test for new trends. A perfect blend of living, style, and lifestyle.

Collaborazioni tra progetto, moda e lifestyle

Fashion and design converge underfoot in the textile flooring designed by Arthur Arbesser for Radici. The versatile Austrian creative, based in Milan, has envisioned a unique pattern that reinvents one of the great classics of design: black and white. With Sponge, the designer who founded his label in 2013 breaks away from the timeless black and white minimal tradition to infuse movement into a rigorously irregular pattern. “Starting from a very geometric pattern reminiscent of chess,” reads the collaboration description, “Arthur Arbesser creates a pattern that replicates the sponge effect, thus acquiring organicity and dynamism.” The final result is a spontaneous design, full of tension, which proves to be hyper-decorative underfoot.