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An Ode to Creativity by Floor & Wall

An Ode to Creativity by Floor & Wall


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We have selected ten new exhibits on display at MDW 2023, spanning from the Salone del Mobile to the Fuorisalone, with a common thread: inventiveness, both in the quest for new materials and in aesthetic interpretation.

Ten new surfaces that are capable of capturing attention at the Milan Design Week 2023. They highlight a desire to experiment at all levels: materials that are increasingly high-performing and eco-friendly, as well as an aesthetic filled with references and allusions to past times and current artistic movements.

Inno alla creatività by Floor & Wall

Among the new designs for textile floor coverings that Radici presents at the trade show, there’s “Tartan Doodles” by fashion designer Arthur Arbesser. It’s a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic Scottish tartan pattern, conceived as a dynamic overlap of various layers. It’s a layering of worlds and visions that invites you to get lost in a parallel space-time dimension, where you can find new details and shapes with every glance. “Tartan Doodles” is composed of the famous Scottish plaid pattern: a cross of vertical and horizontal stripes with an irregular pattern underneath that resembles doodles.